Shipping times

Thank you for purchasing from our website, we really appreciate you and your support. We would like to clarify the processing time and shipment terms for Kem Beauty so that you are aware and take this into consideration before and after making a purchase. We value you and your purchase and think it's important to let you know what goes on and what we can and cannot do in this Covid-19 period.

Sale Processing time 
During sale periods we ask for maximum 4 working days to process your order.
Processing time 
If there are any delays from in-house - i.e. if we are running behind on dispatching orders, it will be clearly stated on the website banner for you to see so you can take it into consideration.

We are a small business and we get many orders a week, we hand wrap/gift wrap all of them with love. Everything is fulfilled and handled in house. This is why we ask for minimum 2 working days and maximum 3 working days processing time from the date of your order. A working day is Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekends are not working days.

Processing time is the maximum amount of time it takes to package your order etc, the reason ours may be longer than other larger established businesses, is because we have a lot of orders to do at any given time and it takes a while to package them all accurately. Usually, we get items out quicker than the time stated.

Your order will be sent to Royal mail at the end of this processing time for them to process and send your goods to you. 


During this time of covid-19 and the restrictions that ensue, we must emphasise that once your order is in the Royal mail network, we have no control over when or how you will receive it. Delays to your item unfortunately are not a reflection of us and our service. We send the order out with the postage option that you pay for. 

First class shipping means that we pay the first class rate and select that option to send it to you. We advise that everyone selects first class shipping to compete their order because it is the fastest and even when it is delayed, it is always a faster service than selecting 2nd class or standard delivery.

Naturally, we want you to get your order as soon as possible but what we have realised is that Royal mail has its good and bad weeks. First class shipping does not guarantee that you will receive said item in 2 days. We as a small business have no control over how quickly Royal mail gets your items to you therefore, we will not refund your shipping if Royal mail delivers your item late. 

Lost Parcels

Royal Mail also also loses our outgoing parcels from time to time. We are uncertain as to where these parcels end up but we have been advised by Royal Mail that we should give a 21 day buffer from date of dispatch. If, after this 21 days, the recipient has not received the item then the item is lost and we can make a claim and either refund or resend to you. Although waiting 21 days is not ideal, its the best we can do. We ask you to please exercise patience before asking for a resolution to a delayed parcel.


Contacting Royal Mail

Finally, as much as we would like to, we cannot contact Royal Mail for you should your parcel be delayed etc. That would take a considerable amount of time for us that we just do not have as a small team. Hopefully in the future we can have a dedicated customer service team that can do this. We advise you contact Royal Mail yourself if you have any queries and you are not satisfied with their service. They can be reached at 0345 774 0740


It is important as a business that we clarify this information to manage our customers expectations of us. As the business grows it is natural that customers expectations of us are different as you probably think our team is bigger than it actually is (which is a compliment)! We are committed to improving processes and products always. This is why your current order will always be better than your last.

Again, if you are dissatisfied with anything we do, please pop us an email and we will always do our best to rectify it, because our customers are the heart of our brand.