Hydra-Glow Serum
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Hydra-Glow Serum

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 The Hydra-Glow serum is a  hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid and 3 super-fruit extracts that target, condition, hydrate and improve skin's health and texture. 

Dehydrated with a compromised moisture barrier skin can be irritable, dull, prone to flare ups and have an over texture appearance. This serum has been carefully created  to improve dehydrated skin.


This Super-serum contains:

Hyaluronic acid: A humectant that draws moisture to skin

Cranberry extract: Contains vitamin A & E

Raspberry extract: Vitamin C & E. Good for skin discolouration.

Grapefruit extract: Anti-microbial and anti- inflammatory.  



For best results, use as part of a day time and night-time skincare routine, apply to damp skin after applying a toner or essence. 

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