The Rebalance Set
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The Rebalance Set

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This set has intentionally been created for those with sensitive and reaction-prone skin to mend skin back to normal (and better). We all mess up sometimes but our skin shouldn't have to pay for it. Over-exfoliating, use of too many active ingredients, allergic reactions & damaging our skins barrier come as a cost that visibly impairs skin so we have created this set to help soothe your skin with the healing ingredients in each of these products. This set can be used night and day to repair inflamed and irritable skin.


 Step 1:

The Green Clay mask has been carefully and gently formulated with key ingredients that will visibly improve skins condition and appearance. This mask works to brighten, hydrate, plumpen, and soothe skin.

Proven to reduce the appearance of pores and as a result, creates supple skin. It is packed with nourishing and skin calming ingredients and works for all skin types especially sensitive and allergenic skin.

Step 2: 

With the soothing oil cleanser, skin feels soothed, supple and clean. Melt away makeup and remove impurities without stripping skin’s natural moisture, with this unique cleansing oil. Can also be on bare skin (without makeup) to cleanse as this oil can break down oil and impurities in skin. Read more here

The soothing oil cleanser is suitable for all skin types is made to soothe skin and to dissolve surface impurities and makeup without leaving skin feeling tight or dry. Packed with vitamins C, E and A this cleanser brightness skin and improves skins texture whilst protecting it from free radicals. It can be used after exfoliating or in replace of a harsh cleanser.

Step 3: 

The Hydrating toner is a gentle facial toner that balances, heals, soothes and cleanses skin with with Cucumber extract, Wu Zhu, Hyaluronic acid, Sweet Orange essential oil and Sage extract. Our hydrating toner removes excess oils whilst toning, evening skin tone and conditioning the skin. If you are looking for a quick skin fix that will leave your skin visibly clear, plump and radiant then this toner is for you.

Step 4: Moisturise with a water based emollient lotion!

Step 5: 

The Ultra-Glow oil serum is packed with nutritious oils that contain essential skin superfoods and vitamins to promote cellular regeneration and turnover. This oil has been carefully created to soothe skin, combat dull skin, dark marks, scarring and hyper pigmentation.  This targeted oil is proven to brighten skin, fade dark marks, even skin tone, heal and improve skin texture. 

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